Complete Campaign

We'll do the work for you!

Let us customize and put into action a complete film festival fee waiver campaign for you.  

You get:

1) A customized personaly writtern fee waiver letter (using info supplied by you)

2) We will send out the fee waiver request for you to every festival in our system with a festival start date with-in 8 months. (up tp 2000 film festivals)

3) We will subtract the price you already paid for the book!

ONLY $99

YES, I want to customize a letter and send them out for me!

$99  I have not purchased the book
$80  I already purchased the $19.95 Book
$70  I already purchased the $29.95 Book. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by

1) Simpy Purchase from 2CO link above
2) Email us ( with your invoice number and we will start the process. 
3) We will email you back directions and all the info!

  • Can take up to 10 days to craft letter and another week to send out letters.
  • Please set-up an email address just for fee waiver corresponsdance (you box will fill up quickly!)
If you experience ANY problems please email <-Best Way to Contact Us!

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